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International High Energy Materials Conference&Exhibit

December 16 - December 18



High Energy Materials Society of India (HEMSI) is a non-profit professional body founded in 1983 with Head Quarters at HEMRL (Pune). Its objective is to promote, propagate and encourage basic and applied research in the whole gamut of High Energy Materials (HEMs) including Propellants, High Explosives & Pyrotechnics all over the world. The society provides a unique platform to discuss, share, exchange, interact and realize these objectives by organizing international conferences. The 12th International High Energy Materials Conference & exhibit (HEMCE-2019) will disseminate the latest information in the area of HEMs amongst Academicians / Scientists / Researchers / Professionals / Industrial leaders working in area of HEMs. The conference also includes an exhibition displaying state of the art products, methods, services and devices related to HEMs, which will provide B2B interaction amongst the participants. Scientists and technologists from India and abroad will participate in the conference. Research papers presented in the conference will be compiled in the form of proceedings.

Conference Theme:

Right from the era of Nobel, the field of high energy materials underwent evolutionary morphological changes with an aim to achieve better. In this process, the high energy materials field has undergone many developments. At one hand, the theoretical understanding and developing the relevant technologies uses combinatorial chemistry for design of materials, mathematical simulation for combustion and its engineering, testing using advanced chemical analysis probes, experimentation for understanding the realities of making the materials. On the other hand, the engineering for large scale production needs understanding the stability of materials and their behavior with respect to storage, bulk handling, rheology, safety, waste disposal, process easiness, automation etc. This holistic, inclusive thinking is the need of the hour and hence the “Exploring the innate inclusive potentials of High Energy Materials” is the theme selected.

Focus Areas:

  • Rocket propellants:Solid,Earth torable,Cryo,Semi-Cryo,Hybrid Propellants
  • Synthesis,characterization & evaluation of new energetic materials for various applications
  • Development,Scale-up&Manufacture of advanced  HEMs
  • Nano Energetic Materials for HEM application Modeling and simulation, structural analysis, reaction pathways and mechanisms
  • Thermal decomposition, combustion and detonation
  • Pyrotechnics and their applications
  • Insensitive & Green HEMs / Munitions
  • Gun propellants and propulsion systems
  • Advances in civil explosives
  • Explosive Detection Techniques and devices
  • Quality control and assurance of HEMs
  • Safety, Hazards, waste management, Environmental studies and disposal technologies of HEMs
  • Structural Analysis of HEMs
  • Ageing studies
  • High Explosive formulation and devices


Indian Institude of Technology Madras,Chennai
Indian IIT Madras IIT P.O., Chennai 600 036. India.
Chennai, Tamilnadu India


Dept. of Aerospace Engineering IIT Madras, Chennai