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Mechanics of foams and lattice materials

December 16 - December 24


Recent advancements in micro and nanotechnology and fast prototyping manufacturing methods enable us to build solids with complex microarchitecture. The ability to tailor microstructures opens up the possibility to design materials with desired mechanical, thermal and vibroacoustic properties. This has lead to increased research efforts in the last decade in ultralight lattice materials, cellular solids, and metal foams.  The literature in this area is spread across many journals that focus on materials, structures, vibroacoustics,  and applied physics, and research monographs. A systematic and unified synthesis will greatly help  consolidate conceptual building blocks in this emerging field of research and serve as a useful reference to  researchers based in universities and industrial research labs. 

The set of lectures proposed in this GIAN course will expose the participants to this emerging area with an The set of lectures proposed in this GIAN course will expose the participants to this emerging area with an Applications include sandwich beams and panels for lightweight and multifunctional structural applications in Aerospace, Automotive, and other mechanical structures. Topics covered in this short course are elastic and plastic deformation properties under static and dynamic loads; vibroacoustics response; fabrication and testing. The participants are expected to leave this short course with a sound understanding of the fundamental mechanics principles and consequent applications. 

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Dr. Syed Nizamuddin Khaderi