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Mechanics of Mechanical Metamaterials

November 18 - November 22

About the Course:


The course gives an overview of mechanical metamaterials and the aspects of modelling them. A specific emphasis will be laid on the discussion of static and dynamic response of mechanical meta materials through super cell and phenomenological models. Micromechanics based constitutive models to describe the mechanical behaviour of fibre network metamaterials will be discussed. Recent advances such as origami-based folding and energy absorption capabilities of metamaterials will also be discussed.

The course syllabus is as follows:

1. Introduction of mechanical metamaterials:

1.1 Two dimensional and three-dimensional metamaterials, including honeycombs, fiber network materials, lattice materials,
micro lattice materials, origami-based folding materials
1.2 Geometric modeling of materials with regular and irregular microstructures
1.3 Manufacturing of metamaterials, including honeycombs, fiber network materials, lattice materials, micro lattice materials
and folding materials)

2. Static mechanical properties of mechanical metamaterials:

2.1 Homogenization techniques
2.2 Super cell modeling
2.3 Phenomenological modeling

3. Impact responses of mechanical metamaterials:

3.1 Hexagonal honeycombs
3.2 Auxetic double-arrow honeycombs

4. Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials:

4.1 Homogenization modeling of elastic wave
4.2 Tuning elastic wave in metamaterials

5. Fiber network metamaterials:

5.1 Micromechanical constitutive modeling
5.2 Effects of imperfections
5.3 Rate dependent constitutive modeling
6. Origami-based folding metamaterials

6.1 Geometrical modeling:

6.2 Mechanical properties and bi-stability
6.3 Energy absorption capability

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Venue Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
ndian Institute Of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600036
Chennai, Tamilnadu India


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