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Multi Scale Modeling of Sheet Metal Forming

December 3 - December 7


Industries, to reduce the “concept to market time” have gone for virtual fabrication to remain competitive among their peers and to produce quality and reliable products. Compared to the usual design/test/redesign cycles, the computer-based testing of a virtual prototype reduces dramatically the research and development time. In the metal forming industry, an important part of the virtual factory relies on the numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes by finite element (FE) programs. The success of an FE simulation depends largely on the accuracy of the constitutive model describing the plastic behaviour of the sheet. 

Recent advances in the modeling of metals include the modeling of structural in homogeneities, damage, porosity, twinning/untwining, non-local and second-order effects. Almost all of the materials used in the present day metal forming industry are anisotropic showing both as-received anisotropy and evolving anisotropy related to plastic deformation processes. Plastic anisotropy can be most easily explained by the microstructure of the material. 

This course covers the modelling aspects of metal forming processes with special emphasize to anisotrophy, constitutive relations and multi scale modelling.


The primary objectives of the course are as follows:

i) Exposing participants to the fundamentals of formability of materials, 

ii) Enabling the participants to perform simulation studies by using multi scale modeling techniques and to solve industrial problems using such modeling techniques, 

iii) Providing exposure to practical problems and their solutions, through case studies and laboratory sessions in formability studies 

iv) Assisting the participants to develop constitutive equations and to use them to model metal forming processes.



Department of Mechanical Engineering ,National Institute of Technology, Warangal
NationaNIT, Hanamkonda, Telangana 506004
Warangal, Telangana India


Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT WARANGAL