Jingle Bell Jingle Bell – Aviation Style 2019

As christmas is arriving many wishes in different way floating around the world through internet.

But aviation lovers took it in one of the different way to wish christmas. A tik tok video shows with a model Thai airways in the runway where a santa with bell placed in the wingtip.

A series of glass bottles are placed in the side of runway . When the aircraft starts to move forward in the runway, the bell hits the bottle along the path.

The wonderful thing about this is the rhythm. The bottles are placed in such a way that tunes the song of Jingle Bell Jingle Bell all the way. The speed of the model aircraft is also maintained to get the rhythm correctly. Have a look at the video below

By Pon Maa Kishan

Pon Maa Kishan - Founder and President - Society of Aero. He has completed his Master Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He is also Editor in Chief of Journal of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Research